May 29, 2008

Annie & Tom Advance in the TODAY Show "Race to the Altar." Place Your Votes Now!!

Annie and Tom of Chicago, Illinois are one step closer to winning the NBC TODAY Show's annual "Race to the Altar." The competition is now down to three couples who seek to be married in June on the plaza outside the TODAY Show studio in New York. Your vote today can help Annie and Tom get married live on national television.

The Lupus Foundation of America is supporting Annie and Tom's efforts to be selected as this year's winning couple. Annie has had to live with not only the physical challenges of lupus but also cope with the emotional toll that lupus can take on individuals and families affected by this serious and life-changing disease.

The deadline for voting in the next round is Noon Eastern time on Monday, June 2. Your votes for Annie and Tom are critically important as the competition heats up!

Rally your friends, family members, co-workers, neighbors -- anyone you can -- to join you in this national effort to bring lupus to the forefront and help Annie and Tom have a wedding that they, and the entire lupus community, will never forget.

Vote now for Annie and Tom through the TODAY website

You also can vote for Annie and Tom AGAIN (and AGAIN) by texting the number "3" to 46833.

Read their profile page:

Visit Annie and Tom's webpage:

Meet all of the couples competing in the 2008 "Race to the Altar":

The Lupus Foundation of America thanks you for helping Annie and Tom win the 2008 "Race to the Altar."

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