April 23, 2008

Lupus.org Spotlight: Ask the Lupus Experts

Happy Wednesday to you.

Thought I'd do something a bit different for this entry. There are a lot of great resources on the lupus.org Website. Every so often, I will take the opportunity to highlight some of these areas via the blog.

Today, I'd like to tell you about the Ask the Experts section.

The Ask the Experts section is a place where you can submit a question to our panel of nationally-renowned lupus medical experts. While our panelists cannot respond to every question submitted, they will select questions that may be of interest to a broad cross-section of people living with lupus, and we will post those questions -- and the experts' responses -- on the lupus.org Website.

The form to submit a question is here.

The LFA archives all questions that have been answered by the experts. You can view the archive here. To more quickly find what you're looking for, questions and answers have been grouped into topical categories. Some of those categories include:

Definitely check out all of this great information.

Until next time, Wick


michelle said...

I have lupus and in the last 8 months have been allergic to most medications i have been given. I recently have had elevated blood pressure. I have tried two different beta blockers with no success. Does anyone know of a blood pressure medicine that works well for ppl who have auto immune diseases?

LFA said...

Thanks for your question, michelle.

I cannot answer that question in here. Did you submit your question directly to the Ask the Experts section? That link again is http://www.lupus.org/webmodules/webarticlesnet/templates/new_communityexperts.aspx?articleid=437&zoneid=96.

Another option would be to contact the LFA Health Educator. She can be reached at lupusinfo@lupus.org.

Or, you can even post your question in the LFA message boards. The boards are a great source for advice, support and encouragement. You can access them via this link http://www.lupus.org/messageboards.