April 09, 2008

Lupus Blog Spotlight: Lupus and Humor

Hi everyone ...

I am heading out of town late this afternoon and won't be back until Monday, so I wanted to get another entry posted before I leave. Going to Phoenix, which is a first for me. Meeting up with some friends, and plan to visit the Grand Canyon and Sedona. Really looking forward to it.

Now let's jump into some lupus news.

LFA Message Boards

As of this morning, there are more than 720 registered users for the LFA Message Boards. Get in on the action! Join the message boards here.

Reminder -- "Ask the Doc: Open Forum" Webchat Today

The April 2008 Webchat will take place this afternoon at 3 p.m. Eastern. Dr. Bevra Hahn will be guest hosting the chat: "Ask the Doc: An Open Forum." We're expecting a good turnout for this as we received more than 110 questions in advance of the chat. Hope you can join us!

Lupus Blog Spotlight

Finally, I would like to turn your attention to another lupus blog. It is called Lupus and Humor. The blogger is Carla. Let me share a little bit about Carla with you.

Carla's a newlywed, and she and her husband have a 5-pound dog who is "a bundle of joy and love." She's a professional musician, who writes and performs her own funny songs. She also plays guitar. Carla has recorded 3 CDs, the 3rd of which is called "Sick Humor." This CD is all medical parodies, and includes such songs as "What If Your Butt Was Gone," "Prednisone," and "Sittin' in the Waiting Room." You can get a taste of her musical stylings at her other website, thesingingpatient.com.

If you have a few moments, swing by Lupus and Humor and say hi to Carla.

Until next time, Wick

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The Singing Patient said...

Hey Wick!
Thanks for the awesome writeup of my blog on your blog (now do i write up the writeup on my blog? at what point does it eat itself?)

I think it's great we have Mercedes as a spokeperson now. Well done!