February 08, 2008

Lupus Foundation of America Launches Message Boards on Its Website

Happy Friday afternoon to you. I have great news to share!

The Lupus Foundation of America (LFA) has added message boards to the Community section of its Website -- lupus.org -- as a service to people with lupus and their families. The boards provide an opportunity for individuals to reach out and seek answers to questions about living and coping with lupus, as well as support one another in an understanding and caring environment. You can access the message boards here.

People with lupus often suffer from severe and disabling joint pain, overwhelming fatigue, and organ damage, which can be disabling and isolating. The LFA message boards will be a valuable resource for individuals who are not able to attend a support group meeting or education program, particularly those who live in rural areas or where no local resource is available. In addition, message board users can anonymously seek help without fear of revealing sensitive medical information to friends or employers.

Initial discussion topics include Recently Diagnosed with Lupus, Lupus Treatments, Men with Lupus, Teens with Lupus, and Coping with Lupus. There also is a category for discussing topics featured on LFA Webchats. Additional topics will be added based on feedback from message board participants.

Individuals visiting the LFA message boards can view what others have posted, post their own questions, or share comments about topics of interest. The message boards will serve to create an online community where people living with lupus, their relatives and friends, care givers, and information seekers can meet, bond together, share ideas, and build hope.

So ... come join us in the message boards today!

Have a wonderful weekend. Until next time, Wick

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Michelle said...

I just wanted to say thanks for the message boards! As soon as I found out about them I put a link on my blog (www.arimayasheart) called Life in the Autoimmune Lane. I write about living with autoimmunity.
Thank you again for all the good work and for making information so accessible to the public; the more people talk about it the more people understand which is a huge part of living with a chronic illness, understanding.