February 22, 2008

It’s Official! Lupus Has “Gone to the Dogs.”

Good morning all.

Weatherwise, it's a blah morning here in the metro DC area. Freezing rain and ice are pretty much everywhere. Fortunately ... getting into work this morning was not bad at all. Weather's supposed to be like this throughout the day.

This morning, I'm going to jump right into things. I wanted to do a follow up on an entry from October 2007.

You may recall the blog -- A Woman, A Wheaten and a (very long) Walk. The blog is written from the viewpoint of a one year old Wheaten terrier named Landis.

To refresh your memory, Cindy Coney – an LFA Board member who has lupus – and Landis decided to take on lupus by walking 916 miles around their neighborhood to raise money for lupus research, with the intent of completing this impressive feat by March 10, 2008.

Why 916 miles, and why by March 10, 2008? Because it’s 916 miles from their home in Tampa, Florida to the steps of Capitol Hill in Washington, DC. And on March 10, 2008, the Lupus Foundation of America (LFA) will host its annual Advocacy Day, by having hundreds of lupus patients and their families visit their senators and representatives in DC to inform them about lupus, and to ask for their support.

So were they successful? Well, let me have Landis respond. “You just are not going to believe this. Mom Cindy and I have met and exceeded our goals. Would you believe that we have raised $10,540 for lupus and walked more than 950 miles?” You can read about their adventures here.

Congratulations to Cindy and Landis!

As I get ready to sign off here, I don’t think Landis will mind if I borrow his signature phrase.

Until next time ... “big doggie kisses to everyone,”

Photo: Cindy Coney and Landis

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