December 06, 2007

Lupus and State Legislation: Spotlight on Ohio

In addition to the Lupus REACH Amendments (S. 1359/H.R. 1192), which is federal legislation, many states are working toward helping people with lupus at the state level! This month's featured state is Ohio.

Ohio State Representative Sandra Williams (D-District 11) has introduced 127 HB 360 -- creating a Lupus Education and Awareness Program. You can view the bill at

The LFA has 4 chapters in Ohio that have worked closely with State Representative Williams. If you live in Ohio, please contact your State Representatives and ask them to support 127 HB 360.

Great work Ohio!


MiLeTTe said...

that's good news.

i featured you on my blog!


Check out our petition!
Every little bit helps. Thank you to everyone who has already visited the site. Your support is greatly appreciated. Together we can make great strides. It would be wonderful to see how many signatures we can get. Pass it along to your friends and family. All we can do is try to create a synergy of positive effort to help get this Bill passed.