December 21, 2007

Happy Holidays from the Lupus Foundation of America

Seasons greetings everyone, and a good morning to you.

As 2007 winds down and people gear up for the holidays, I wanted to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has become part of our On the Road to a Cure family. Like the "Little Engine that Could," the LFA's blog is slowly but surely building an audience, while reaching out to people who are affected by lupus.

It has been my pleasure to meet some of the lupus bloggers who are out there. So on that note, I do want to give a special holiday shout out to a few of the amazing people I have come across, because of this blog: Nancy in Alabama, Milet in the Philippines, Chronic Chick, Emmyrose, Loretta at Life Beyond Lupus, James and Dylan at Across the LupUS, and Brian in Michigan.

As always, if you're aware of other lupus bloggers out there, please share this blog with them, and /or have them get in touch with me at

On behalf of the Lupus Foundation of America, I wish you all happy holidays, and a healthy 2008!

I am on my way to Florida this afternoon to spend the holidays with family, so ... until January 2008,


NancyJones said...

BIG HUGSSSS! MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL MY FELLOW LUPIES! I hope you ahve a joyous holiday. xoxooxoxox wick thank you for all you do!!!

chronic chick said...

Thanks wick. I will be back with you after holiday...

Anonymous said...

I just wanted to share how wonderful this blog has been for me. I visit regularly as do my friends when they link via my own blog. I am thankful for the energy and attention given to each post. Wishing you all a happy holiday and beautiful new year.

Brian Thomas said...

Happy Holidays back at ya! I'm going out for a 50 mile training run on Saturday. If all goes well, I'm going to shoot for a 100 mile fund raiser in 2008. My blog can now be found through also.