October 19, 2007

Someone You Know Has Lupus

Came across yet another cool blog I wanted to share with you. It’s very "crafty." The blog, ScrumDillyDilly, is written by a woman who describes herself as " ... a returning college student, a crafter, a homemaker. a friend, a wife, a grand daughter, a dork, a collector of kitsch and a baker of sweets."

The blogger's mom was diagnosed with lupus years ago. And at the time of diagnosis, her mom was told she had two years to live. While her mom did live for another 25 years, she was never able to work and the multiple medications she took compromised her immune system even more. In December 1999 her mom passed away.

So to honor her mother and to support everyone who has lupus – and since October is Lupus Awareness Month (though that will be changing in the near future) – she is selling an assortment of handmade purple crafts (including gnomes, cozies and gloves) in her Etsy shop. All proceeds from the sales will be donated to lupus research.

Take a moment to check out ScrumDillyDilly's Etsy shop to see if any of these items tickle your fancy.

If you’re aware of any lupus-related blogs, or cool fund-raising events, or websites that you think I might want to know about, please feel free to share it with me at davis@lupus.org.

Until next time, Wick

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chronic chick said...

Thanks for writing about lupus. I started a blog to share my life with lupus.