September 19, 2007

Have you heard of MAPRx?

Advocacy and outreach efforts play an important role for the Lupus Foundation of America (LFA). As such, the LFA strives to ensure that lupus patients have access to the medical care, treatments and medications necessary to manage the symptoms of this disease.

In an effort to assist people with lupus who are Medicare-disabled and/or over the age of 55, the LFA established the Medicare Access for Patients-Rx (MAPRx) coalition. MAPRx is a coalition of 40+ patient, family caregiver and health professional organizations committed to safeguarding the well-being of patients with chronic diseases and disabilities under Medicare Prescription Drug Coverage. MAPRx member organizations collaborate with national and state policymakers to ensure that beneficiaries have the access to the medication therapies they need and deserve.

Currently, MAPRx is working to help people with lupus choose the Medicare Prescription Drug Plan in 2008 that best meets their individual drug needs. MAPRx is also reaching out to identify lupus patients who may qualify for the Extra Help assistance available from the government to cover drug plan costs.

Learn more about the Medicare Prescription Drug program (also called Medicare Part D). Visit the MAPRx website.

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