August 15, 2007

LFA Observes its 30th Anniversary

Approximately 120 LFA volunteers and staff met in Chicago recently to observe the Lupus Foundation of America’s 30th anniversary. They also participated in the Annual Meeting of the LFA National Council, which is made up of representatives from all of the LFA’s 39 chapters. It was a fitting location, since Chicago was the city which hosted the first annual meeting when the LFA was officially incorporated back in 1977.

Volunteers participated in several days of training and planning to help their chapters provide support and services to all people affected by lupus. In addition, the LFA handed out individual and chapter awards for outstanding performance or to recognize individuals for their many years of service to the cause.

During one of the sessions, members of the LFA Medical-Scientific Advisory Council, as well as several LFA-funded lupus researchers, provided an update on recent advances in lupus research and treatment.

As the conference came to a close, meeting organizers donned “camp counselor” t-shirts and created an imaginary “Camp Lupus-Among-Us,” which featured a closing campfire ceremony that provided everyone with ways to share the lessons they learned during the four-day meeting.

Everyone who participated agreed that it was a rejuvenating and uplifting experience which gave them renewed energy as they returned home to plan for a new season of chapter activities and services.

Happy 30th Anniversary, LFA!

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