July 09, 2007

Have you read the latest issue of Lupus Now magazine?

Hi, I’m Jenny Allan, the editor of Lupus Now. This is my first entry in the new LFA blog, and fortunately I get to talk about one of my favorite subjects -- the magazine!

I have to tell you the brand-new summer issue is a big success so far. Check out some of these comments:

  • "Do you employ psychics at Lupus Now? I've just received your Summer 2007 issue and nearly every article had great information I needed to see at this period in my life."

  • "Thank you for the great articles in the current issue. Very relevant to this time of year. Great article on fluorescent bulbs. I read every page, front cover to back cover. Great work."

  • "The Lupus Now Summer 2007 magazine really captured my attention with several articles pertaining to my situation. I was particularly interested in two articles: "Vacation Inspiration" and "Kidney Disease and You."

So that’s me bragging. I promise, it won’t get any worse than that! Now, what else can you find in the summer issue?

Besides the three articles mentioned above by the fans, one really insightful piece is on dating and new relationships. How, and when, do you tell someone you’re dating that you have lupus? You’ll hear from ladies facing this questions, AND from the guys who love them enough to get past the whole unpredictability of lupus thing. Lots of happy endings in this story!

Then we have a great article that takes on a question we hear all the time: Is there a lupus diet? The simple answer is, “No.” But there are lots of ways you can help, or hinder, your lupus by what you eat, and take -- and, guess what? Herbs and dietary supplements aren’t necessarily okay!

Our Teen Talk column features a letter from a 22-year-old college student with lupus, looking back at all the ways she didn’t take care of her health during her freshman year. If you’re in college, or starting soon, or one of your children is, you need to read this one.

Our other regular columns have great information, as well: Ask the Experts answers the burning question of whether fluorescent lights really are bad for lupus, as one reader mentioned above, as well as whether the long-time use of prednisone can lead to type 2 diabetes; and Ask Dr. Paul gives some suggestions on how a guy with lupus can respond to this common and frustrating comment: "Oh, I thought lupus was a woman's disease."

Lupus Now comes out three times a year -- Spring, Summer, and Fall -- and we don’t want you to miss a thing. For just $25, it’s a bargain, so go sign up now!

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