July 20, 2007

Bicycling to Raise Lupus Awareness

Good morning … my name is Robert York and I work in the Marketing & Development department here at the LFA. As you might expect, there are fund-raising events taking place all around the country which ultimately benefit LFA. I want to take a moment to shine a spotlight two of them.

Three courageous individuals -- Geoff Thomas, and James Mason & Dylan Trakas -- are biking across the United States to raise money and awareness for lupus.

Australian Geoff Thomas is doing what is called "the four corners tour." He’s cycling the four corners of the U.S. in what he says is the first trip of its kind.

This mission is personal for Geoff. In 2003, he was diagnosed with a form of lupus that affects his skin.

Geoff began his journey, Bike USA 2007, on April 28. In less than 50 days he completed his first lap: New York to Washington state. Now 82 days into his journey, Geoff has biked a total of 5,284 miles (or 8,455 km.), and he's just south of Phoenix, Arizona. Visit Geoff’s website, www.bikeusa2007.com/, where you can track his progress and make donations as he travels around the country.

The other two bikers are Dylan Trakas and James Mason, both recent graduates of Sewanee University, in Tennessee. They expect to spend approximately three months biking 4,000 miles from Bellingham, Washington to Charleston, South Carolina. Their goal is to raise $50,000 for the Lupus Foundation of America, Inc. (LFA), as well as to increase public awareness about this disease.

Dylan and James' mission is also personal -- Dylan's mom struggles with lupus.

They began their journey, Across the lupUS, on June 3. They too have established a website, http://www.acrossthelupus.com/. You should check it out; read their journal entries, track their progress and if you can, donate to their cause.

We truly appreciate the efforts of Geoff, Dylan and James -- and everyone else -- who are helping the LFA look for a cure for this debilitating disease. With their help, and yours, we'll find a cure that much quicker!

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